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Thanks to everyone who booked a session with me in 2014! I'm so thankful for repeat clients and new ones too. I will be doing a limited number of sessions in 2015. E-mail me at with any questions.

Please note that orders are due 2 weeks after images are posted online. If no order is placed at that time, the gallery will be closed and there will be a $25 fee to reopen the gallery for an additional week. After an order is placed, the gallery will remain online for 3 months. There is a $150 minimum order due from any session.

Please also note that personal cameras (point and shoot and SLRs) and video cameras are not permitted during a session.

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Pricing & Session Information

New pricing information coming soon.

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White Sox Gallery

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Pricing & Session Information

New pricing information coming soon.

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Contact me at for complete wedding pricing. Imag ...

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Please note there is a $150 minimum purchase required from a maternity ...

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I am currently only booking a limited number of lifestyle newborn sess ...

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In Between (2 to 5 months)

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Getting Bigger (6-9 months)

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The Big One!

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Children and Teens

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Abner Gallery

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Capitol City River Dash 2013

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Copher Gallery

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Craig Gallery

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Duerson Gallery

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Gilbert Gallery

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Hall Gallery

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Hampton Wedding Gallery

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Head Gallery

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Kidd Gallery

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Mateyoke Gallery

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McIntosh Gallery

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O'Halloran Gallery

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Pennington Senior Gallery

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Sandbrink Gallery

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Savvy Stitches - Out to Sea

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Savvy Stitches-Fall

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Savvy Stitches

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Snedeker Wedding

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Washnock Gallery

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